Kindness is standard~ Acceptance is achievable~ Beauty is universal~
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unlimited studying promo!


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cute spring floral stitching dresses

The perfect dresses for spring time! The breast pockets are outlined with floral designed fabric while a bead of pearls runs across the top. The pink dress is my favourite <3

Use the discount code “hisaishi” on any item(s) in the store for a special discount <3

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mesh neckline chiffon dress | rosewholesale

mesh neckline chiffon dress | rosewholesale

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75+ Promo




I’ve reached 200 followers, so I’ve decided to do another promo!!

Here are the details:

♥ You don’t have to be following me if you don’t want to.

♥ Reblogs only please.

♥ Likes don’t count.

♥ 3 lists of 20, 1 list of 10, and 5 screenies.

♥ Ends sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.

Last reminder, ends tomorrow afternoon! 

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Need more blogs to follow!!!


I follow:
•korean streetstyle
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If you fall under these categories, please reblog!

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